The HERO100

The HERO100

💯 The HERO100.

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“We need a great rebirth of the heroic in our world. Every sector of human society, wherever that may be on the planet, seems to be slipping into an unconscious chaos. Only the heroic consciousness, exerting all its might, will be able to stop this slide toward oblivion. Only a massive rebirth of courage in both men and women will rescue the world. Against enormous odds, the Hero picks up his sword and charges into the heart of the abyss, into the mouth of the dragon, into the castle under the power of an evil spell.” – Robert Moore, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.


Join us for a 100-day heroic adventure.

Six disciplines. 100 days.

Complete six daily disciplines for 100 days straight.

Bet on yourself.

For every successful day, get $1 back.

Direct accountability & community support.

1:1 check-ins with a live community alongside you.

Sound easy?

Good! You’re probably about to get your ass kicked. 😏


100 DAYS

Complete one hundred consecutive days of daily challenges.


All daily disciplines can fit into just one hour per day.


A tribe of 100+ heroes will complete the live challenge alongside you.


Deposit $200 to begin. Receive $100 back when you’re victorious.

It’s time to honor your inner Hero.

Who could you be if you weren’t always starting from Day 1? Who would you become if you finally got out of your own way and unleashed your excellence? If you had a collective around you, supporting you through your personal evolution.

There’s a brighter, bolder, tougher, truer you inside. The ‘Hero-You’ who instinctively knows their purpose, stays true to their intuition, and fearlessly leads with love.

The world is waiting with baited breath for you to own your greatness. To step boldly into the future in deep service for yourself, others, and the world.

And the truth is, you are not alone. Many hear the calling inside of themselves, and are answering.

Your fellow heroes-in-the-making are waiting for you!

On April 1st, we embark on the adventure of the Hero100.


⚡️ The 6 Daily Disciplines


100 Cold Showers

3+ minutes

A cold shower from start to finish, for at least 3 minutes.


100 Meditations

20+ minutes

Seated mindfulness meditation, for at least 20 minutes.


100 Journals

20+ minutes

Stream-of-consciousness insight journalling, for at least 20 minutes.


100 Fasts

12+ hours

Intermittent fasting, for at least 12 hours.


100 Eliminations

3 minutes

Remove, donate, or sell one physical item every day.


100 Personal Rituals

10+ minutes

A personal ritual of your choice.

✅ Daily Progress Tracker

2 minutes

Complete your tracker by the end of each day to earn your credit.


60 minutes

Boom! One hour per day and you’re well on your way.

Exploring the 6 daily disciplines in 6 minutes.

A Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Ultramarathon…

“Raise the bar, then help others over it.”

We’re raising the bar of spiritual and physical fitness to levels that would crush most people.

So when the calling comes, we are ready.

Ready to show up as a pillar of strength and composure for ourselves and those around us.

Ready to serve at the highest levels.

Ready for Life. Ready for Greatness.

Far beyond a 21-day habit building exercise, or a single 30-day challenge – this is a psycho-spiritual endurance test, an ultramarathon of the heart.

We’re raising the bar of our own training, so that we can help others over it when the time comes.

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” – Optimus Prime

When opportunity knocks—when fate calls upon you—will you be caught off guard, messing around with your pants down around your ankles?

Or will you smile with that cool confidence of someone who has walked through hell and back, greeting the challenge like an old friend. “Ah, I’ve been waiting for you!”

Warrior cultures never needed to ‘prepare’ for battle. They were always ready. They lived and breathed their training each day.

When the call came, they were ready.

Are you ready?

👾 Gamifying Greatness

We use a novel incentive mechanism that allows you to bet on your best Self.

For each day you are victorious (completing all disciplines), you get $1 back.

At the end of 100 days, you’re paid for the days you were successful.

This is being paid to perform.

This is getting rewarded for being great.

Place a bet on yourself. Bet on your own greatness. Bet on your Best.

We help you achieve this with:

Direct, daily 1:1 accountability
Live community interaction and support
Gamified financial incentives
Personal progress tracking tool
Dedicated oracle who ensures you don’t miss two days in a row

If you complete the 100 days, the total investment for this 3+ month transformational experience is just $100, and you’ll receive $100 back to celebrate with.

Second group later this year:

The Hero100 Live Challenge.

Complete the Hero100 challenges alongside fellow heroes-in-training. $200 to register, receive $100 back when you’re victorious.

  • Personal Progress Tracker
  • Bet-on-Yourself Incentive
  • Private Online Community
  • Daily Personal Accountability
  • 10 Hours of Live Calls


Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself – and be lenient to everybody else.” – Henry Beecher

☯️ Part Spiritual Austerities, Part Physical Disciplines

Where science and spirituality meet. Each of these challenges has been selected because it is a time-tested spiritual discipline and a well-studied scientific practice.

The answer isn’t usually found in the latest biohacking technique or dusty text. It’s found in going deep in devotional discipline to transformative practices.

Cold Showers

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Cold showers help promote immunity and resiliency, stabilize energy levels, maintain healthy hair/skin, increase metabolic functioning and blood flow.

Intermittent Fasting

An ancient mind-body practice, used throughout the wisdom traditions. Fasting helps with hormonal rebalancing, overall body composition, autophagy, brain and mind functioning and clarity.

Insight Journaling

An exceptional practice for mental clarity, personal insight, and self-discovery. Stream-of-consciousness journalling helps to process challenging emotions, create calm and focused presence, solidify values and goals, and achieve mental clarity and acuity.

Seated Meditation

The foundation of all wisdom. An opportunity to improve concentration and focus, the foundation for awakening experiences. Meditation helps to: reduce baseline stress levels, cultivate mental resiliency, and facilitate deep personal insights.

Material Elimination

Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. Warriors are ascetic for a reason, anything not serving your values is a distraction. Material downsizing and elimination fosters mental relaxation, and creates a beautiful environment to dwell in.

Personal Ritual

Your first challenge is to select your final ritual. A personal ritual of your choice helps maximize the value you get from this experience, and the other 5 disciplines will help create the conditions for you to succeed in making this a reality. More below.

📿 Your Personal Ritual

The personal ritual is the wildcard of this experience. The trojan horse containing the true transformative potential of this experience.

What is it that you need most right now? What practice, if done with sincere devotion for 100 days, would transform your life?

Here are some examples of potential personal rituals:

  • Sunrise: Wake up with the sun and completely transform your daily existence.
  • Write 500 words: Write every day for 100 days and have your first book drafted.
  • Exercise: Transform your body and mind with a deeply-rooted exercise practice.
  • Create: Make a painting, a poem, a social media post. Build a portfolio of creative work.
  • Yoga: Daily yoga creates a life-long practice that you’ll have with you for years to come.
  • Fear: Do 1 thing that scares you every day and watch your relationship to the unknown transform.
  • Learn: Spend 30 minutes learning a skill, become world class by the end of it.

The possibilities are limitless, and we’ll help you ensure that you achieve it.

“Heroes are protectors, and being a protector means having strength enough for two. Being strong enough to save yourself isn’t good enough; you have to be better, always, than you’d be on your own.” – Christopher MacDougall, Natural Born Heroes


The Hero100 is a long-game, lasting results challenge. If you dig in and take it seriously, it WILL shape you far beyond the 100 days of participation.

You are sculpting yourself into lifelong heroism.

“What you’re aiming for is the hero’s holy trinity: paideia, arete, and xenia: skill, strength, and desire. Mind, body, and soul.” – Christopher MacDougall, Natural Born Heroes


You have to be a little crazy…

A voluntary hundred-day undertaking of serious spiritual austerities, soul-forging physical challenges, and a relentless and unbroken commitment to yourself.

Others might think you’ve gone insane.

But you’re already deep down the rabbit hole, aren’t you?

You’ve seen what lies on the other side of serious personal work. You know the realms of wisdom and wonder waiting for you.

And if this is the kind of wild adventure that lights you up… you’re in luck!

Because we’re all crazy here. 🐇 

Welcome home, hero.

…and you have to be mature.

The Hero100 requires discipline, surrender, and stamina.

You recognize that this is one mighty step in your personal and spiritual process.

  • You are declaring, ‘I am ready to show up fully.’
  • You are cementing total devotion to your purpose.
  • You are prioritizing your highest Self.
  • You are declaring love for your inner Hero.

This is a ritual of heroic embodiment. Take it on with honor and devotion. Come to see it through, all the way, no excuses.

But this is not for everyone…

For some, this might not be the answer right now.

  • If you lack the capacity to set aside one hour per day…
  • If you lack the integrity to honestly report your progress…
  • If you feel compelled to cheat or make excuses…

This is NOT for you.

Being able to honor these commitments to yourself, your community, and your values is non-negotiable. You are still lacking a basic foundation of responsibility and maturity, without which a hero cannot thrive.


💯 The Hero100

$200 to Register


$100 Final Cost

up to $100 sent back when complete.


Personal tracker + instructions

Full community access

5 live, participatory calls

Daily 1:1 accountability

‘Bet-on-yourself’ reward system

Invites to all future programs

“Once the heaving sea has shaken my raft to pieces,” Odysseus declares, “then I will swim.”

🤔 Who Would You Become If…

  • You faced 5+ hours in the frigid waters of cold showers.
  • You put 30+ hours towards understanding yourself through journalling.
  • You logged 1200+ hours of intentional fasting.
  • You were 100 possessions lighter and more intentional with your living space.
  • You sat for 30+ hours of conscious mindfulness meditation.
  • You gave 100 attempts at a deeply meaningful ritual of your choice.

You’d be a f*cking living legend, that’s what! A modern-day hero, a true warrior-in-training.

That is what you will do over the course of the Hero100 if you did only the minimum thresholds. We will be doing this together, united as one. And we will be here, supporting you every step of the way, side-by-side. Our team will be participating in this as well, doing it alongside you.


⛩️ The Road Continues…

Aspiring Zen monks must wait for days in rain, snow, cold, and darkness at the entrance of a monastery before being granted access.

Some experiences are only made available to the truly committed.

This is just the beginning of our journey together…

We have more challenges, in-person summits, and soul-testing initiations planned that will only be available to those who complete the Hero100.

This is the great filter. On the other side, legend awaits.

Will you be there?

Prove it.

Questions? Answers.

When does it begin?

The first day of the Live Community Challenge is April 1, 2023. We finish the 100 days on July 10, 2023.

What’s the total investment?

That’s up to you. It’s $200 to register. For each successful day, you earn $1. At the end of the experience, you are paid for your performance. If you complete the program fully, the final investment is $100.

How will I get paid for my performance?

At the end of the experience, we total your successful days and send you back that amount. If you complete 93 days successfully, you will be sent $93.

What is a ‘successful day’?

Completing all 6 daily disciplines. Each discipline has a minimum threshold (ie: 3 minutes of cold shower, 20 minutes of meditation) to be considered complete. When you’ve done all 6, you have a successful day.

Can’t I just cheat?

Honestly, yeah, you could. But imagine that for a moment. If you cheated every day, falsely reporting your progress – you will have spent over 3 months of your life, dozens of hours, and literally paid us $100 just to dishonor yourself, make no real progress, and negatively impact the integrity of our community. It’s not worth it. If you plan on cheating, don’t sign up.

How do you track our progress?

We use an oracle system. Every day, an oracle from our team team will check your personal tracker to see if you completed the previous day. If you missed it, we’ll follow up with you directly to help get you back on track. The most important thing is not missing two days in a row.

What kind of accountability is available?

A community chat, your assigned oracle, positive behavioral incentives, and more. Every day our team ensures you completed the previous day, and checks in with you personally if you missed to help get you going again. You have access to our community platform, letting you ask questions, get motivation, and refocus. We’ve also gamified greatness: every day you complete successfully you are rewarded with $1. It’s uses both positive incentives and loss aversion to help bring out your best.

What’s the time commitment?

The 6 daily disciplines take at minimum 1 hour per day to complete, including tracking your progress. We have ~10 minutes for the Personal Ritual of your choice, but you are welcome to choose a longer one (ie: 30 minute yoga, write 500 words, 20 minutes exercise) - just be sure to take that extra timing into account.

What if something happens in my life during the program?

Overcome it. The 100 day length is designed specifically so that obstacles and unexpected events arise, so that they can be overcome. This is how you drive long-term, deeply-rooted lifestyle change.

What software do I need to do this?

We will use Zoom, Circle, and Notion. We will provide onboarding instructions for all of these once you register. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

What is the free version?

A self-guided version of the 100 days progress tracker. This is entirely open-source, you can take it and remix it as you please. Find it here:

But real quick — do you really want to continue perpetuating your story of being the ‘special one’ that has to ‘do it all by themselves’? Have you forgotten your deep human need for community and connection? You can do this for free, by yourself, but will you? Will you complete it? Will you give it your all? These experiences are more powerful when done together.

Why 100 days?

100 days leaves no room for chance. It takes you beyond discipline into the realms of surrender and devotion. This isn’t a cheeky 30-day push that you drop afterward.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Cold showers and intermittent fasting are well tolerated, and have many physical and psychological benefits. This may not be appropriate for those with pre-existing heart or liver conditions, message us at if this is you or if you have any questions.

Why these specific challenges?

We are building warriors. Those who can handle weights that crush others, to show up as leaders, protectors, and allies. Each daily discipline has a rich scientific and spiritual history. Making these practices an embodied way of being will fundamentally change your body, mind, and soul – and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for.

Can I do this?

That’s entirely up to you. With a little bit of devotion, a dash of discipline, and the support of our crew, anything is possible.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be over 18. We need to know you’re an adult of sound mind as you make the conscious commitment to join us on this wild adventure.